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Roku-Ultra with Netflix not working


I bought new ROKU ULTRA yesterday...after setting up the device , all the app works but NetFlix.

whenever i opened Netflix it shows error code UI-800-3.

After contacting Netflix they said somehow device is using old credential and login failed.

I do not have any option to sign out over there.

I followed all the step Netflix provided but no luck.

is there anyway from ROKU i can clear cookie or clear History?

i tried System Restart, System Reset, Unlink the device from Roku, Stop and start router, delete and re-install Netflix, tried in Guest Mode.

same Netflix account works on other device in same network.

Any input is appreciated.



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Re: Roku-Ultra with Netflix not working

Had the same issues w my Ultra + and the error code,  UI-800-3 (104001),   after trying all the solutions, I returned it and just got the Roku Streaming Stick +. 

Works great so far  


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Re: Roku-Ultra with Netflix not working

yes I did the same...

returned faulty roku and get new same model and it works.

it’s good if roku can fix this issue else it will be unnecessary logistics expense... and it looks like widespread issue.... so many ppl has reported it.


thsnks for your update.



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