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Roku Ultra shows 2 different Model Numbers on Restarts

I purchased a Roku Ultra 4670RW from eBay and the first time I set it up and got around to checking the information it showed that it was a Roku Ultra 4660X. I unplugged the device, plugged it back in and then it showed it was a Roku Ultra 4670RW. Both instances the Serial Number was the same, but the ID Number was different. The 4670RW matched the ID Number on the box and the 4660X did not. I am returning it because it included the wrong remote also. I have never had a Roku device do this before. Are they known to do this? Should I only purchase new at a physical store?

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Re: Roku Ultra shows 2 different Model Numbers on Restarts

X vs RW is irrelavent.  RW means it was bought at Walmart.

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