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Roku Ultra does not show up on Windows 10 devices

My Roku+ shows up on the devices list on both my laptops running Windows 10 but my Roku Ultra does not.  Anyone know a fix for this?   

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Re: Roku Ultra does not show up on Windows 10 devices

Have you tried unplugging the Ultra and shutting down your laptops; then powering the Ultra back up and finally powering on your laptops?  Do you have any problems with the remote connecting to your Ultra?  I ask because both Windows 10 screen mirroring and the remote use a Wi-Fi Direct connection to communicate with the Roku.

You could try doing a network reset in Windows by searching for 'network reset' in the search bar.  You can also do a network reset for the Ultra at:  Settings > System > Advanced system settings > Network connection reset.  Edit: For some reason when I tried this, I had to disable and then re-enable my wifi adapter in Device Manager to get my Roku to show up as a device.

If you're at your wits end, you could run Fresh Start on Windows 10 (search 'fresh start') or do a factory reset of the Ultra.  These are last resort options though and there's no guarantee they would fix the problem.  You'd want to back-up anything important (files, bookmarks, etc.) on your PC and would have to reinstall apps.  On the Roku, you'd have to sign back in to apps and would lose any not-signed-in YouTube history.

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