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Level 10

Roku Ultra baseline CPU clock speed?

I'd previously noticed that a family member's Roku Ultra clocked its CPU between 216 MHz (at 850 mV) up to 1.5 GHz (at 1040 mV).

But the last time I was briefly there, his Ultra only clocked down to 700 MHz (at 850 mV).  Did a firmware update raise the baseline speed, or did I not spend enough time monitoring?

P.S.  FWIW his Streaming Stick+ CPU was capped between 216 MHz - 1 GHz (850 - 900 mV) but was still running hotter by 30-40 degrees F!  In contrast the 2017 TCL Roku TV's stayed steady at 1.2 GHz (1000 mV).  See here.

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Level 12

Re: Roku Ultra baseline CPU clock speed?

I’ve noticed my Premiere + from 2016 stays locked at 700mhz even though I think it would originally go up to 1.2ghz? My Stick + ramps up to 1ghz.

It seems like they lowered the voltage and clock speed of older models to make them slower, but then again there’s no real perceivable speed difference between my Stick + and older Premiere +, but it’s odd they let a smaller, hotter stick clock higher than the box with more space to dissipate heat.
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