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Re: Roku Ultra Standby Mode?

"renojim" wrote:
I believe the LED being off is merely an indication that a screen saver is active and is not an indication of any kind of low power mode (if such a thing exists).

You could be right. I just checked, and the SS has kicked back in and the LED is off. Of course, that still might be a low power mode. Without monitoring the power consumption real-time (which I don't have equipment for), who really knows if its power usage changes. But as mentioned, when not streaming the Roku uses very little power. 

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Re: Roku Ultra Standby Mode?

"atc98092" wrote:
I just checked my Ultra (model 4640). It hasn't been touched since some time yesterday. There is no front LED visible. I do have the 4K screensaver enabled. So it does appear to enter some kind of sleep mode. Perhaps a screensaver needs to be applied for it to kick in. I powered the TV on, not touching the Roku remote. When I switched to the Roku input, I saw the screensaver running. The front panel LED was still off. As soon as I touched a button on the Roku remote, the LED illuminated and the home screen appeared. So it does look like the screensaver needs to be running to enter low power mode. 

This is exactly what my Ultra (4640) does, too.
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Re: Roku Ultra Standby Mode?

Yes the front LED goes off when the screen saver is active, but the Roku is still running actively running the screen saver with video output.
A true standby mode would turn the video output off and shut down to very low power with the only activity being watching for a key press on the remote I would think.
So far I have not seen such a standby mode on the Roku Ultra 4640, only screen saver mode where the device is still active as far as I can tell.
So thats why I am using a power strip that can shut off devices completely when the TV is off if they don't have a true standby mode.
Roku Ultra 4640R, Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810R
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