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Roku Ultra, HDR10+ coming?

Got the ultra today and it’s great. Since it has Dolby vision there should be no reason it can’t update to HDR10+ ... I know YouTube and Amazon support it. Any word if they will support it with an update?

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Re: Roku Ultra, HDR10+ coming?

YouTube also supports HDR10 and HLG, and Prime also supports DV and HDR10.

Considering the dearth of of HDR10+ content relative to HDR10, HLG, and DV content, and considering that HDR10+ is intended as a direct competitor to DV (which is designed/implemented with HDR10/HLG compatibility in mind), and therefore requires added coding complexity (this is Roku, not Panasonic) the chances of that happening are effectively zero for now.

But, theres always wishing, and if HDR10+ contentshare significantly increases, or the coding complexity significantly decreases, its certainly increasingly possible.


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