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Roku Ultra Audio Track Does Not Change When Selection is Changed on Options Menu

When streaming a movie, from our Emby media server, that has multiple audio tracks, those tracks are displayed on the Roku Ultra audio sub-menu, within the Options menu.  The audio menu GUI does change states and reports the change in track selection.  However, actual playback audio does not change and remains fixed at the first audio track.  When changing audio track selections, the playback audio does momentarily dropout with the change in selection, indicating at least something is trying to initiate the change.
If I edit the movie playback file (within the Emby media server), utilizing the Handbrake application, and move up an audio track to the first selection, that is the track that is locked into playback on the Roku Ultra.
I do not have another "channel" that has multiple audio tracks, so I have not been able test and verify this issue on another channel.  However, the symptoms point toward this being a Roku Ultra issue.
Model: 4660RW - Roku Ultra
S/N: YJ006N394217
Software: 9.0.0 - Build 4142-6
Network Connection: Hardwire ethernet port

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Re: Roku Ultra Audio Track Does Not Change When Selection is Changed on Options Menu

That sort of function is controlled by the app/channel, not by the Roku itself. So I believe it's something with the Emby channel. I have Emby on a test computer, so I'll try and remember to give this a try. The only difference is that my Ultra is the 4640, but in theory that shouldn't make a difference. 

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Re: Roku Ultra Audio Track Does Not Change When Selection is Changed on Options Menu

I posted this same issue on the Emby forum and promptly received confirmation this is an issue and a work around.  Here are those posts:

Posted Yesterday, 10:50 PM

I assume you are using the * button when you mention "Options" menu. You are doing this as the video is playing too. Instead of this, simply press down on your d-pad to bring up the on-screen display (OSD). At the very bottom of the OSD are a row of icons under the transport controls. One of these icons will look like a speaker with sound waves coming out. Click that and choose your audio stream. This will work.
The Roku options menu using * will only show options that are available in direct play. If you were transcoding it will limit you on audio stream/subtitle choices. To always have the best experience with the full choices available you must always press down and use the OSD. Remember not to use * and the Roku options menu.

Posted Today, 09:21 PM

You're my new best friend!  You hit the nail squarely on the head.  Not only was that the issue with selecting audio tracks, but sub-titles as well.  I had about 50 movies that were continuously displaying sub-titles and the "*' option menu had no effect upon them.  I was beginning to think I mistakenly hit a key or loaded the wrong preset, when I was muxing them, and had set the subtitle to burn in.
I'm knew to streaming and Roku.  I don't recall any mention of the screen bottom OSD menu in the online instructions.  The 4660 Ultra doesn't have a d-pad, but I figured it was there somewhere.  It is the down arrow on the 4660.  Also, these were all direct play.  The "*" menu did appear and accept the command, but nothing changed.  Everything works as it should from OSD menu along the bottom of the screen.
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Re: Roku Ultra Audio Track Does Not Change When Selection is Changed on Options Menu

thank you  

i was just trying to watch a movie that could not get the movie narration turned off. When ai pressed the *  it said only the default track was  available.  For some reason the default was with narration.  I found this post,  the down arrow gave me the way ti change it.  I was not aware if that option,  Worked for me.


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