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Roku Ultra Alexa Command to Turn Off

Hi I have a Roku Ultra 4670X running 9.2.0 and it is linked to my Amazon Echo. Seems to work fine but I would love to be able to power off the Roku (and have it shut down my tv like it does when I press the power button on the Roku remote) but when I tell Alexa “turn off Roku” I get a message on the display that says “Thinking” then “Powering Off” but nothing happens. Is this a glitch with my setup or a feature? Please help. 

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Re: Roku Ultra Alexa Command to Turn Off

Roku devices (as opposed to Roku tvs) don't have on/off capability. When they are plugged into an active power source, they are on. For this reason you should always return the Roku to the home screen when done viewing to prevent the Roku from continuing to stream data that is not being watched. Even if your internet service has no data cap that costs you extra if exceeded, streaming unwatched data needlessly taxes the delivery system.

If you want to actually turn off a Roku device, you need to kill the power to it. Ways that come to mind:

You could attach it to a smart switched outlet you can control with Alexa.

Or there are power strips you can purchase that you can plug both tv and Roku into and will shut everything else off when it senses you've turned off the tv.

Finally, if your tv has a USB port, you could plug the USB power cable for the Roku into the tv's USB port, provided a) the tv's USB port shuts down when the tv is turned off - some do, some don't, and b) the tv's USB port provides enough current to reliably power the Roku - again, some do, most don't.

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Re: Roku Ultra Alexa Command to Turn Off

I have the same issue.  Easiest thing to do is place your tv and roku into a group.  Then you can turn off both using the group name by voice or as a routine.

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