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Roku Ultra 2020: how to set resolution to 4K/HDR @ 30 Hz (FPS)?

For reasons I won't get into, I've been running with a Streaming Stick+ to stream 4K/HDR material (HDR10) from Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu over wifi.

The Wifi in my living room is only getting around 25-30 Mbps so sometimes I get buffering problems when the signal drops a bit, or long load times to start up. I have an ethernet run to the LR now, so yesterday I upgraded to the latest Ultra 2020, both to finally see what DolbyVision is like vs. HDR10, and for the ethernet port.

The catch is that for my AV setup to work properly, I'd had to set my Streaming Stick+ to output 4K/HDR at 30 Hz, not 60 Hz. And it was on this very forum 2+ years ago that I found the way to lock that setting via a hidden menu, to disable auto recovery (i.e., not to automatically switch resolution back to a "detected" 60 Hz whenever it changed modes between HDR and SDR).

I can't find this setting any more with the Ultra 2020. There's only a selection for 4K or 4K/HDR, which then always gets "detected" at 60 Hz. I want to force this to 30 Hz. Surely this is still possible, maybe just with a new hidden menu?

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Re: Roku Ultra 2020: how to set resolution to 4K/HDR @ 30 Hz (FPS)?

I had just contacted chat support and was told we cant make any changes. I use a projector and was told the roku is designed only for Televisions. I would've thought something so simple like what we can do in an Nvidia Shield i can set this manually and bam i get HDR.

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