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Roku Ultra: 1-Touch Play suddenly stopped switching inputs

1-Touch Play suddenly stopped switching inputs on Roku Ultra 4660X.

Before I get into all the details of the issue and troubleshooting I have done, 1-Touch Play had been working flawlessly for the last couple months.  A couple days ago, the Roku decided it wanted to reboot, not for an update, but probably a crash, as it was already on the latest FW.

After that, I have tried everything I can think of, and now pressing any button on the Roku remote will now NOT change the input as it did before.

I also have an AppleTV 4, Nvidia Shield 2017, & FireTV 2017. The HDMI-CEC input switching on these continue to work just fine, when a button on their remote is pressed.

Connections with HDMI 2.0/High Speed Cables:
Roku > Yamaha AVR > Samsung TV

Here is the troubleshooting I have done, none of which have helped:

    • Unplugged/Replugged power of AVR, TV, Roku


    • Unplugged/Replugged HDMI cable


    • Change HDMI cable to known good


    • Disconnect all other HDMI devices from AVR


    • Changed to a different HDMI input on AVR


    • Changed to a different HDMI input on TV


    • Factory Reset Roku (not fun)


    • Disabled/Enabled HDMI control on AVR


    • Disabled/Enabled AnyNet+ on TV


    • Disabled/Enabled 1-Touch Play on Roku


    • Repaired Roku Remote


  • Re-ran Roku TV Control setup (this model has IR control for power and volume)

Short of being a faulty unit, I am open to any other suggestions or to know if you had the same experience.

Roku Ultra 4660X FW 8.1.0 4137-46
Yamaha RX-V781 FW 2.58
Samsung UN55KS800D FW 1220

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