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Roku TCL tvs glitching last few weeks

Over the past few weeks we haven't been able to stream tv since the update, we can stream and play games on our Xbox and PCs but the TCL roku TV is not working, we even tried to directly plug in the TV to the internet and it did not fix it, the tvs have worked very well before this update, anyone else having similar issues? 

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Level 7

Re: Roku TCL tvs glitching last few weeks

The only thing we have noticed is our favorite show has been looping over and over after about 10 seconds of play. Refresh doesn't help, FF just jumps it way too far ahead but then it starts looping all over again after a little playback. Rebooting (POWER CORD PULLED) on modem, router, and Roku device did not help either. I don't even know if my device updated; no notice of it happening. We have all free channels with no pay subscriptions so maybe they do not care about my service or updating it, but I do not know what is going on with our only real thing we are watching, "Wild at Heart" 6th season and 5th episode. We have tried next episode and it does the same thing but all episodes up to this point functioned fine. Sorry, I could not help and hope that you also get your issue fixed.

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