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Roku Stuck Between Main Menu and RDIO app

My LG 65LF5700 came with a Roku remote and software. I used it for years with no problems. Today I tried to change from the Roku Main Menu to another app or antenna channel but it goes to the RDIO app, when I cancel it goes back to the Main Menu but I can't get out of this loop or use the settings to reset the TV.  I resetted the TV (Unplug Power Off - On) and did the same using the remote (Home x 5, ...), but when I turn the TV on is like it is on a standby mode, immediately comes on and goes to the same problem. I have never used RDIO; maybe I pressed the RDIO button on the remote by accident.  I can't find any information on this anywhere, looks like some type of software conflict.

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Re: Roku Stuck Between Main Menu and RDIO app

Answering my own issue ... I had cleaned the remote using Lysol and apparently some of the liquid got into the circuit.  After a while it occured to me that I had cleaned the remote before the issue started. I removed the batteries, repeatedly heated the remote under a lamp and exposed it to the air conditioner air flow.  This took care of my problem. 

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