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Roku Streaming Stick 2017 vs 2019


I want to purchase the Roku Streaming Stick + (2019) version.  How do I distinguish between the 2019 version and the 2017 version.  They both appear to have the same model number. 

Appreciate any guidance.

Thanks - Dan

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick 2017 vs 2019

There are slight differences to the packaging printing (2017 model has a 2017 copyright and the 2019 model has a 2019 copyright - listed on the bottom)

Biggest difference: the 2017 remote has no mute button, the 2019 remote does (and the packaging printing reflects this difference too):

2017:  "New! Voice remote with buttons for TV power & volume"

2019:  "Voice remote with buttons for TV power, volume, and mute"


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