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Roku Smart Soundbar Plex Issue

I set up a brand new Smart Soundbar about a week ago. When launching the Plex App, everyone worked okay the first day. The second day, at launch, the Plex logo starts centered but then quickly glitches to the lower right corner and it just sits on loading indefinitely. 

Definitely a software glitch that prevents the app from being used. 

I can fix it temporarily by going to settings->system->restart

Once Roku restarts the app launches as normal for a day or two and then will glitch out again. So I'm basically rebooting the Roku system every 1 to 2 days. 

Anyone else see this?

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Level 20

Re: Roku Smart Soundbar Plex Issue

Remove the Plex app, RESTART (must do this), re-add the Plex app.

If that doesnt resolve it contact Plex and Roku:

Roku: chat or email:  (choose setup/ultra/other/need more help)

or message @RokuDanny-R 


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