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Roku Simple Remote to Roku TV Pairing

I have a newer version of the Sharp Roku TV (2019), and I recently lost my remote. I have the app, BUT I had to reset and establish a new wifi network so my TV is no longer connected. 

Roku only had the 'simple' remote available for purchase, but upon receiving it, there are no power buttons, pairing buttons internally or volume controls. 

Is it even possible to set it up? Please help. :-( 

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Level 21

Re: Roku Simple Remote to Roku TV Pairing

Sorry, you can't use the simple remote with any RokuTV.

Level 20

Re: Roku Simple Remote to Roku TV Pairing

You can purchase used Roku tv remotes for under $10, either Sharp or Hisense Roku tv remotes will work, no other roku brand will. 

You can go to Walmart for either Wifi voice remote once paired with your tv will work fine. They also have the One-For-All urc-7935 Streamer universal remote works great with Roku tvs. Use Section D to program the Roku tv. Is $16.88 at walmart. Here';s photo next to the Roku tv voice remote:

P1010420 (800x600).jpg