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Roku Search Does Not Generate Complete Results

I'm finding when I do a search on the Roku, it doesn't provide complete results. For instance, I searched for the comedian 'Jim Gaffigan'. It pulls up a lot of his stuff, but totally misses his stand-up routines on Netflix. Now, if I do a search for 'Jim Gaffigan Netflix', then it shows his stand up specials on Netflix. But we shouldn't have to specify that, right? When you perform a seach on Roku, it's supposed to search all available services and tell you where to watch it. Thing is, I'd like to give a Roku to my aging father, who is not tech-savvy. The search should really be bullet-proof so that anybody can find what they are looking for. Clearly, the information has been made available to Roku, otherwise why would it be pulled up with a Netflix specific search? I would just like Roku to make sure it's search results are complete, without having to specify 'Netflix' or 'Hulu' or 'Amazon' after the search topic.

Also, I would like Roku to be able to complete a vocal search from within an app. I can do this on Apple TV, and it's a great feature. (Mind you, the Apple Siri remote is pretty horrible in my book, which is why I want to give my Pop a Roku.)
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