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Roku Premiere+ unit not loading menu anymore

I have a Roku Premiere+, model 4630x, product ID 7KA69G397735

It will not load the menu anymore, i tried a factory reset and it showed the Roku jumping logo then showed a setup question then quickly blank screen. Tried unplugging the power cord and attaching it again - i see the Roku logo for a few seconds then blank screen. The unit's light sometimes is flashing, sometimes is not on at all. Overall very weird behaviour.

I think the unit might be defective but unsure. It used to work until a few days ago. It's connected via ethernet to my network. Can't remember when I last updated it but it would've been less than 6 months ago.


Thx for any suggestions, I have a suspicion the unit is malfunctioning.

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Level 7

Re: Roku Premiere+ unit not loading menu anymore

Same problem

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