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Roku Premiere connection problem - build 4200 VS 4190


I purchased 2 Roku Premiere devices (exact model).

The first one I activated last week. It works fine.

The second one, I activated today. Same setup, under the same netwrok, connected to the same hardware. Not working - I cant mirror cast from my phone nor from pc. They do recognise the Roku, however fail to connect (from the first Roku I do it successfully).

By the way, during the get start procees (of the second ptoblematic Roku), the device succeeded to connect to network, underwent the link to account process but in the end of the I got a message: Error - An error prevented some channels from installing. To try again, go to the home screen and from 'Settings' select 'System update'.

The only difference between the 2 devices - different build of Version 9.4.0: The first one that works has build 4910-91. The second one that doesn't work has build 4200-91.

Do you have any suggestions how to solve this issue? Maybe downgrade the version build somehow or change somthing in the defintions.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Roku Premiere connection problem - build 4200 VS 4190

I’m having the same problem! i’ve been searching deep in the internet and yours was the only one similar. i wish there was an answer to this problem, because i don’t know as well. Smiley Sad

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