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Roku Premiere Model

I purchased the Roku Premier unit based on the facts that if you have a 4K TV, that you can stream in 4K using the unit on your TV.

I have a  4 year old Samsung 4 UHD Smart TV which unfortunately does not support some of the newer apps so I opted and bought the Roku Premier unit so that I could have access to those apps that are not supported on  my Samsung TV (example WWE Network).  Here is my issue

if I watch HBO MAX on my Samsung TV using the HBOMAX app from my cable provider, and watch example Wonder Woman 84 it is outputted to the TV in 4K UHD.  However, when I use the Roku Premier and watch the same movie , it outputs same  movie as HD and not 4K and I can see that the picture quality is not the same when using the Roku Premier unit. 

According to the specs provided below, as long as my TV  Is 4K, the Roku Premier, should output 4K but it does not.  Any idea why this is happening?   Thanks for your help in this matter.

Roku Premier SpecsRoku Premier Specs


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