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Roku Premiere+ CEC w/ Sony STRDH770 Stopped Working


Up til about 3 weeks ago, my Roku Premiere+ has properly turned on my AV receiver (Sony STRDH770), and consequently my TV (Vizio M65) via CEC/HDMI when pressing the Home button on the Roku remote.

The Roku is up-to-date, however, I can't confirm if a software update was applied to the Roku that prompted this. The device is up-to-date as of today. Here is what I've done/checked so far:

- Power cycled the Roku

- Tested a new HDMI cable

- Attempted to use a different HDMI port on the receiver

- Disabled/Enabled 1-touch play on the Roku

- Factory reset the Roku

- Factory reset the Sony Receiver

- Checked HDMI port on Roku to confirm it wasn't damaged (I noticed this comment in another CEC thread)

I can confirm CEC is enabled in the Roku, TV, and the receiver. It's important to also note that the only other HDMI device plugged into the receiver is a Chromecast, which will turn the receiver on automagically when someone casts content to it. It seems CEC still works for that device.


Let me know if anyone has any additional ideas!



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