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Level 8

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

How did you get your .srt files to work with .mkv,  they don't show up at all.  this new update is pissing me off.  

Level 8

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

I'm with you. The reason I purchased my Roku TVs was the ability to plug in a USB drive and access my personal media files. This forced "update" has completely removed the single reason I use Roku. 

As long as this "update" is in effect, Roku is completely dead to me. It literally serves no purpose in even existing in my household unless it can access files via the USB.

I dug out a couple of old Western Digital Media Players and reconnected those to two of my TVs last night. I can still access my media files through the WD Media Players at least. But I sure as **bleep** don't need TVs with Roku built in to them anymore.

Level 7

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

App crashes out almost immediately. 

Secret screen says ERROR failed to mount USB device (tested it elsewhere and no device issues) 

Version on roku 3 (4200X)

Insanely annoying as this is used as a simple media center for the kids. 

Level 21

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

Just a note to everyone. Yes, this was tested before hand. But for some of us testers, we don't use them in the same way that you do, so it seems that there were some usage scenarios that were overlooked. But I have to say that streaming from my DLNA server hasn't been a problem for the last couple of beta versions. I haven't tested the production version yet, but I'll do that later today and get back with the Roku developer. 

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Level 20

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

Got ver 5 last night.  Ugh!  I use it to show photos and play music stored on my desktop computer running a DLNA server. 

Problems with the photo display I've found so far have been covered pretty well in earlier posts.

Two audio problems I haven't seen mentioned yet:

A "Loading" notification screen is shown while each audio file is loading.  That's okay while the first one is loading, or when manually jumping to the next file, I guess,  since the system hasn't had a chance to preload the next file into memory, but is a major distraction when automatically progressing from one file to the next.

The new layout when playing audio files places "Repeat All - [Off/On]" and "Shuffle - [Off/On]" controls at the top of the screen.  When not selected they are semi-transparent. For the first audio file played these are at the top, above any album art.  For subsequent audio files these controls drop down and overlay the album art, making both the controls and the album art hard to see.  They don't always do this but once they do they seem to stay there on subsequent files.


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Level 8

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

Yes same exact issue with the 9.2.0 build 4807-46

Sent email notice to ROKU they broke what was working fine.

Level 11

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

please provide an option for the updated media player to go into screensaver mode when playing audio files. I would rather see the Roku fish tank than Roku "Pong".

just so it doesn't get overlooked, make sure automatic track changes don't trigger it out of screensaver mode.

I do like that there is a way to advance in an audio file.

Level 7

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

I'm having the same issue. It will play a video for a little bit and then cut out saying the media is no longer available. NEVER had this issue for the last couple of years I've used Roku Media Player. Not only that, but this latest version is SUPER SLOW! Terrible upgrade. ROKU NEEDS TO FIX THIS ASAP!

Level 7

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

I have the exact same problem after updating to version 5.0 build 10.


Level 8

Re: Roku Media Player 5.0 broken

Yeah mine too! Loaded Media Player yesterday [14th May] & it worked perfectly last night but not today. Auto update has completely destroyed the usefulness of this unit. Cannot load anything from any of my NAS which I use constantly. Version 5 doesn't work at all.

Give users the option to roll it back to the previous version......NOW!