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Roku LT Streaming Netflix via Screen mirroring

I needed to find a solution where I can download films etc on Netflix on my Android phone and then play them to a tv in our touring caravan whilst away with no Wi-Fi. Most devices simply won't work but I have found with an old homehub I can use a Roku LT and can use screen mirroring from my phone as the casting from Netflix doesn't work. This way you can watch the content but the audio has an annoying skip. Has anyone got any suggestions if this is a config setting or a better way of achieving what I need.

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Re: Roku LT Streaming Netflix via Screen mirroring

Netflix permits download for offline use on some devices. Roku is not one of these devices, since it has no storage space for the download. I've used my iPad for watching movies while on a plane. Amazon also allows downloads for offline use. I'm uncertain if your phone is a permitted download device. 
For both services, the downloads are time-limited, meaning once you've downloaded them you have a fixed amount of time you are permitted to watch them without renewing your download. For one, or perhaps both of them, not all titles can be downloaded.
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Re: Roku LT Streaming Netflix via Screen mirroring

Hi Atc
Thanks for the reply
My device is an authorised device it's just the mirroring aspect that seems to cause an issue with skipping audio as we want to watch the movies on our caravans tv. I tend to download some films just before we go away and it helps so we can watch some films at night.
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Re: Roku LT Streaming Netflix via Screen mirroring

"Casting" from Netflix on a mobile device to a Roku device is actually done by having the Roku app launching Netflix. For instance, if you logged into Netflix on your phone and are not logged in to Netflix with that account on Roku -- either not logged in at all, or logged in with a different account -- it won't work. Again, that's because the "casting" is NOT sending the stream from your phone to the Roku, but because the phone is telling Roku to launch Netflix and play.

What you're wanting to do would involved actually playing content from your phone onto the Roku device. Doesn't really matter the source, you're talking about one of two things: Screen Mirroring or playing content to a receiving app.

The Roku LT won't do the former. I don't think Netflix allows the latter, as the downloaded content isn't generally available via other apps, and the "cast" icon is actually launching the app on the phone, not accepting a stream from your phone.
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