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Roku Express + with composite cables?

Does Roku still make the express+ with composite cables? My cable company has already cut me out because I have older tvs and all their boxes require HDMI hook ups. Now I cant find an express+ with composite cables. Roku's web store reads out of stock. Does anyone know if they still make it?

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Re: Roku Express + with composite cables?

They do not make them anymore, it was from 2018. In '19, '20, and now 2021 no replacements have rca outputs. 

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Re: Roku Express + with composite cables?

@Tivoburkee answered your question. I want to throw a couple of things out.

It's possible to add adapters and such to make what you're trying to do possible, as you've probably discovered. However, again as you've probably discovered, there's a cost to do it right.

Weighing that cost against a new TV, possibly with Roku built in (or even FireTV built in, or Android/Google TV build in) may be a more cost effective method of doing things.

You may have already considered all of that, and determined for whatever reason you don't want to replace the older TV. If that's the case, you may be able to find the Express+ (model 3910, 480i) you're looking for on eBay or some other such place. Or, you may want to pursue a Roku 1/SE device (model 2710, 480i/480p). I don't recommend any of that, but it may be what works for you.

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Roku Streambar (9102)
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