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Roku Express no video only audio

Since the 9.4 update I have been having issues with my Roku. The images work fine while scrolling. However once I select a video to play (regardless of channel) the screen turns black and I only have audio. Initially i was able to turn the tv off then back on and go back to the video and it would play as it's supposed. Then that work around stopped working and I had to do a system restart every couple of days, then it turned into every day and now it's not working at all. 


Roku device model: 3700X Roku Express
-serial number: YU007L768122
-device ID: 7G2687768122
-software OS/version: 9.4 build 4190-28

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Level 7

Re: Roku Express no video only audio

I'm having the same issue on both of my roku devices. The problem also seems to coincide with the last update.

Is there no support at roku anymore? I'm about to switch to a different streaming device if they can't be bothered to come up with an answer.

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