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Level 9

Roku Express+ Screen Mirroring Did Work, Now Doesn't

I'm trying to connect a Windows 10 laptop with my Roku Express+. I've successfully connected in the past, but today am having issues.

When I go to the Action Center and click on Connect, it shows the Express+ as a device option. When I click on it, the TV screen displays the attempt to connect, then it just goes away and returns to the Roku home screen.

The Express+ also shows up in the Windows 10 device manager under miracast, and I've run a driver update, but it says I have the latest.

I've also run an update on the Roku device, and it's up to date. I've also run the latest Windows update.

So, I have no idea why it fails to connect, when it was working fine not that many days ago. My laptop and Express+ are obviously pairing to the degree that they can see each other, but do not complete the connection.

Searches for this issue have come up with nothing I haven't already tried. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Roku Express+ Screen Mirroring Did Work, Now Doesn't

I am having the same issue! Hoping for a response soon. 

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Level 9

Re: Roku Express+ Screen Mirroring Did Work, Now Doesn't

I sure wish someone would reply with a solution. I have the latest Windows 10 update, and I'm still unable to cast to my Express+ device. It starts, but then stops before completing the connection.

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