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Help configuring Roku device settings, using Roku OS features such as screen mirroring, adjusting display type and audio settings, using Guest Mode, and assistance with software updates.
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Roku Express+ Is Missing Screen Cast Option

My Roku Express+ is missing the screen casting option in settings. It is updated but the screen cast feature is still missing. What happened? How do I get it?

I just have a few movies for my kid on my computer & wanting to screen cast it to his TV (where I setup the device).

I can't find a way to actually contact anyone through Roku about pushing the correct update to my device.

Model: 3710X - Roku Express+

Software: 9.3.0 - Build 4170-28

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks =)


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Re: Roku Express+ Is Missing Screen Cast Option

Its not supported on that model.

Does my Roku device support screen mirroring?

Most current generation Roku streaming players and Roku TVs support screen mirroring with notable exceptions listed below. To find the model of your Roku device, go to Settings > System > About.

  • Roku Express: Screen mirroring is only supported on model 3900 (introduced in 2017), and not on model 3700.
  • Roku Express+: Screen mirroring is only supported on model 3910 (introduced in 2017), and not on model 3710. With model 3910, screen mirroring is only supported on the HDMI output, and not on the composite, or A/V output.
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Re: Roku Express+ Is Missing Screen Cast Option

Thank you!

It's disappointing but I found another work around.

I setup media sharing on my laptop & happen to have a "Roku Media Player" app on my Roku that I can use. So far it's working well.

I got another app to work from my phone.

Just can't live cast a screen, I have to choose a file to watch, but that's good enough to keep the kiddo busy while I'm working, haha!

I wish Roku could update this device to use a commonly use feature (at least for us).

Sadly I had a better but older device that just died (not Roku) & all I had was this spare Roku.

Long as I can work while he is enjoying his summer break it's all good to me.

Someday I'll just have to get him his own smart TV & be done with these limited devices, lol!

Thanks again for the response. =)

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Re: Roku Express+ Is Missing Screen Cast Option

Using RMP is the better quality option, while screen mirroring is the easier/simpler option.

Roku wants you to buy a newer more capable device in order to get screen mirroring/other functionality.

And as far as Smart TVs go, there are plenty of affordable Roku-based ones out there... from $100-$250



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