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Roku Express+ 3910 - how to zoom picture??

I recently bought an Express+ to use with old analogue TVs via composite video. Most of the apps I've tried are smart enough to show 4:3 content in 4:3 mode on a 4:3 television...but some of the apps windowbox the picture (black bars on top, bottom, and sides).

We have a couple of Roku TVs that let you change the picture mode (normal, overscan, stretch, zoom), but the Express+ doesn't seem to have this option? Is there any way I can change it?? I'm guessing they just moved it somewhere else and I'm overlooking it.

A small side question...there's no power button on this remote, how the heck do you turn off the Roku without physically unplugging it from the wall??

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Re: Roku Express+ 3910 - how to zoom picture??

You can't really compare a TV that utilizes the Roku OS with a standalone console.  They have different options and capabilities.  First, you don't turn it off.  It's designed to be on all the time and consumes very little power when idle.  As far as picture adjustments, there are none.  If you're getting a window box then it's probably encoded incorrectly and there's nothing you can do about it.  Sorry.

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Re: Roku Express+ 3910 - how to zoom picture??

Do the devs actually lurk here, or is it just customers? Surely it would be trivial to add picture settings into a firmware update.

A flicker filter would be nice too, but it's only noticeable in the menus, not during video playback.

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