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Roku Device not being found when attempting to cast

I have a Samsung A51 phone.  When I attempt to cast from the Youtube app the Roku Express doesn't appear (a chromecast appears from time to time so I know devices show up).  I am able to use my phone as a remote and cast videos/photos that are stored on my phone so I know it recognizes my phone.  I have tried numerous actions to address this:

-Confirm they are on the same wifi

-Ensure everything is update

-Gone to wifi and turned on wifidirect (the device does appear when I do this but only under wi-fi direct and doesn't when I go to youtube app)

Any ideas on why the roku express doesn't appear?  I've also had a friend try to locate it under their phone and it doesn't appear as well

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Re: Roku Device not being found when attempting to cast

You didnt mention your model # or firmware version (Settings/System/About)

YouTube uses DIAL for casting to Roku devices (WiFi Direct isnt at play here, but is used as a basis for Miracast-based mirroring, though not directly in terms of the UI)


1) Disable/re-enable WiFi on your phone - try again

2) Restart all devices (Roku/phone/modem/router/gateway) - try again

3) Switch Roku and/or phone WiFi from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz or vice versa (best accomplished with separate SSIDs for each band) - try again

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