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Roku 3 vs. Roku Express+ (2018)

I have a Roku 3, which when I got it was a top of the line model, but now I understand it's a bit outdated.  For another TV I just got a Roku Express, which works great.  So that got me thinking: should I get another Express and replace my Roku 3, particularly since I just found a promotion to get a Roku Express+ (2018) for $15?

In other words, does anyone know how the Roku 3 compares to the Roku Express+ (2018)?

I already know:

  • The Express+ supports RCA connections as well as HDMI, the Roku 3 does not.
  • The Express+ does NOT have Ethernet, the Roku 3 does (which I use).

Any other key differences you folks might be aware of?

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