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Roku 3 hr Shut off Setting

I've been using Roku for 6 months, and i've noticed.... after 3 hours of inactivity, or using the remote control, your tv or roku will shut off after 3 hours.

I use a channel based app to watch tv shows... and every 2 or 3 hours my roku keeps shutting off "asking do you want to continue watching this"

My question is.... Is there some sort of software or download i can put into my roku, so it disables this..... i find myself messing with my roku every 3 hours... just to watch a full day's worth of tv..

I understand it's a built in safety feature but.. it gets annoying... dealing with this... and i was wondering if there was any other way around it, or am i stuck... just having do this for the rest of my time... with roku ?
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Re: Roku 3 hr Shut off Setting

Have never seen what you are talking about.  What model Roku?  What model TV?  Are you sure it isn't the app you are using and not the Roku itself?  Many apps will have prompts asking you if you are still watching to save on bandwidth.  This is usually timed off the last time you used the remote.  That said, it is app specific and not Roku's programming.
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