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Roku 3 (4230x) Wiped Out After 9.3.0 (4170) Update

My Roku has performed flawlessly for years - zero problems. The Roku is wired to my network, not wireless. I use my Roku 3 to drive my media room projection setup. The HDMI output goes from the Roku to a HDMI-to-component breakout box - audio goes to my amplifier and component cables to my projector. It's a 1080P setup that has worked great... 'til now.

After the 9.3.0 update... I started getting "no signal". I went about triple-checking every individual component and found no problems. I changed every cable to new spares - again, no problems. Whole house surge protector and pure sine wave system to ensure clean power to the rack where the Roku's installed - no a power problem.

If I plug the Roku 3 directly into an TV there's an HDMI handshake and it works - tried directly connecting it to several TVs - all worked. I've tried a complete factory reset of the Roku and made sure it worked fine plugged into a TV. Then I installed it back into my media room and it WORKED... for two days. Then it went back to "no signal".

Since this happened when the firmware auto-updated to 9.3.0 it looks like the new version doesn't like my legacy set-up. I don't know if it's one of those infamous HDCP issues or not, but I'm certainly not tossing my equipment to make Roku happy. I would like to roll back to the older firmware - I was perfectly happy the way things were - no option I can see there.

What am I missing?... any ideas.



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