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Roku 2 HD Unusable due to Sluggish UI


I setup a Roku 2 HD 3000X software version 9.1.0 build 5006-02. The UI is very sluggish and the apps/channels take forever to start. They eventually start and it kind of works. The sluggishness persists if I want to pause or access the controls while a channel/video is playing. For example, while playing YouTube video, if I press Pause, it takes about 5-10 seconds for the playback to pause, it is faster to just turn off the TV :-( The other playback controls like fast forward or rewind are totally unusable. I tried other apps/channels and they behave in the same way as YouTube.

What can I do to make this device usable?

Thank you!

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Re: Roku 2 HD Unusable due to Sluggish UI

That's a legacy model that's no longer supported.  It won't get any more updates and many channels won't work on it.  I'd say it's not worth the effort, but you could try checking for updates from Settings->System->System update because I thought it should at least get version 9.2.  Youtube will be exceptionally slow on that device no matter what.

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Re: Roku 2 HD Unusable due to Sluggish UI

Thanks! I checked the System update and this is the latest version. I understand that the device is old and no longer supported.

It is annoying that the system gets updated and the device gets slow and sluggish. I would prefer to downgrade it if it would make it more responsive. I would prefer to miss features and channels but be able to use the hardware. After all, why would an upgrade get pushed to the device if it would turn the device into an unresponsive piece of hardware. It is pretty frustrating...

Anyway, thanks for your help!

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