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Robotic voice narrates the Home Screen channels

Somehow I inadvertently pressed something on the remote that turned on a automated voice which narrates the channels on my Home Screen. I might have pressed the “microphone” button simultaneously with either the “arrow down” or the “play/pause” button. I’ve tried unplugging the tv and roku from the power source to reset but this does not reset it. Help please. 

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Re: Robotic voice narrates the Home Screen channels

Two possibilities:

Audio Guide

This announces where you are in the Roku menus.

At some point you probably hit the * key four times in a short period of time. This is a shortcut that toggles the "Audio Guide" feature on and off, so four quick presses of the * key should turn the Audio Guide feature back off.

To deactivate the four-* trigger shortcut altogether use menu path, Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut (in the Audio Guide section) > Disabled

Alternate Soundtrack

If what you are hearing describes the action taking place in a program you're watching, this is an alternate soundtrack that some programs provide for the visually impaired.  Only a few channels offer this, and only for programs that include this alternate soundtrack.  You'll have to find the controls within each channel for selecting the soundtrack. 

For instance, for Netflix I've found when you've clicked on the Netflix program you want to watch scroll down the options on the left on the preview screen and click "Audio & Subtitles".  In the next screen, scroll down to Audio and make sure the audio option you have checked does not say "Audio Description" or similar wording.

I've found this setting will carry over between Netflix programs.

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Re: Robotic voice narrates the Home Screen channels

I pressed the * button thinking it was fast forward in the dark.. Thank you, I now have turned the robotic voice off. 

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