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Level 7

Remove live streaming from channel lineup

The one thing I've always loved about Roku TV was the tuner. Now it stinks, because Roku TV has inserted all the streaming **bleep** that I don't use and will never use. I purposefully removed Pluto TV from my set two days ago because I consider it trash TV, and here it is alongside my local stations I get over the antenna. Please fix this or ruin my Roku TV experience forever. 

Level 8

Re: Remove live streaming from channel lineup

Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?  Some young marketing dweeb that doesn't know what an antenna is or how it works?

I've got one RokuTV and a couple regular Rokus (express etc) hooked to various TVs around the house.  I was so happy with the RokuTV that my long-term plan was to replace those regular ones with RokuTVs. 

One of my older TVs still uses an external tuner.  Haven't checked that to see if they screwed that up too, but since that tuner's output is routed to the (now deceased) Antenna TV input of the Roku, I suspect it has also turned into a mass of nonsense.

Sooooo, now, when I turn on that TV, instead of it coming up in Roku and me choosing to watch Antenna input, I will just bring it up in native OTA mode.  As if the Roku didn't exist.

Good move, have become Comcast.

Level 9

Re: Remove live streaming from channel lineup

Yup, its is obvious from the lack of response by Roku they simply don't care.  Totally, unacceptable. I for one am going to ditch this TV and going to purchase a replacement "dumb" TV.

I don't need or want anyone shoving their their "content" in my face.