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ROKU TV - How long before it no longer takes updates?

I love Roku, and was an early adopter of their technology.  Think I bought my first box in 2012, and I've owned/currently own several.

About four years ago I bought a Roku TV.  Love the built in convenience and OTA channel guide.  That said, I'm thinking I won't buy another one, or at least not prefer it over a non-Roku TV.  The reason is that it seems after about five years, Roku devices begin to not get updates, either from individual channels and ultimately, from Roku itself.

This isn't a problem with a $30 or even $50 device, but if I have spent $300+ on a TV, my expectation is that it maintain full functionality for at least 10 years.  Not good for my wallet, or the environment, if I am trashing something as large/expensive as a TV every five to eight years.

Wondering if anyone has any experience or info on how long Roku has built their TV's to continue to have useful Roku software built into them.  Thanks.

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