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ROKU Does Not Screen Mirror!

(I posted this to an old thread but now realize it should be posted as new):

I cannot screen mirror my Android phone to my Roku Express+.  Both phone and Roku show a connection but the Roku mirroring progress screen just freezes and times out.  There is no mirroring.  There are numerous similar posts from others but no solution!  Screen mirroring is advertised as a feature of the Roku Express+.  So Roku needs to respond with a solution.  Details:

My Roku Express+ 3910 is connected to a TV with the HDMI cable.  My LG (Android 7) phone's screen mirroring screen (Wifi Direct under Advanced Wifi)  says it found and is connected to the Roku Express+ 3910.  I have gone to Wifi Networks on my phone where the Roku connection is listed, and entered the network connection password.

But when I connect my phone, my TV's Roku screen stays frozen on the "starting video from ... [my phone name]" screen with progress on the progress bar stuck about 1/5 of the way.  Stop Video and Options are also displayed on the frozen screen.  The Roku either stays frozen on this screen or after a long wait times out and returns to the Roku home screen.  Or I can press the home button to return to the Roku home screen.  If I check the Roku Systems menu, Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring Devices, it shows my phone listed (always allowed). 


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