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Question about channels in “active memory”

Just a quick question about Roku behavior.

How many running channels can a Roku Stick hold in its active onboard memory before it has to overwrite them?

That is, NOT how many channels can you load onto Roku’s menu before it gives you an out of space message...

...I’m curious as to how many channels you can boot up and fit in whatever active/onboard rewritable memory that Roku has before those channels get booted out and Roku has to do the “Loading Channel” dialog box with the percentage meter. I know there’s totally a threshold of some sort (5, 6, 7 channels?) but I’m not sure how many it is.

Just curious.
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Re: Question about channels in “active memory”

It depends. Some apps are much, much larger than others. 

It also depends on which Stick you're talking about. The Roku Streaming Stick+ (model 3810) has 1 GB of memory, same as the Ultra, while the Roku Steaming Stick (model 3800) has 512 MB, same as the Express/Express+.
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