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Promo theme broke my wallpaper?

I have had seasonal themes on just because I like the holiday reminders. I then change back to one of my favorite themes. Yesterday I awoke to the Disney+ Soul promo theme and tried to set it back to Panda Wonderland, but it will only show a plain gray texture with no artwork.  

I removed the Panda wallpaper, re-added it, reset my Roku player and it still shows a plain gray texture with no artwork. I tried Winter Wonderland and the same thing happened. All the other wallpapers appear to be working, just not the ones I want to use?? I have turned seasonal themes off because Disney+ promos are not a season or holiday and that wasn't what I opted in for. Is there another setting that can fix the wallpaper?

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Level 7

Re: Promo theme broke my wallpaper?

I actually have a related question & arrived here. I always put on the Winter Wonderland wallpaper & have the seasonal option turned on. I noticed there was a "Happy Holidays" wallpaper, I think, a couple days ago, which was very similar to Winter Wonderland but a little darker (chimney going in a log cabin out in the hinterlands, snow on the ground, etc.). Then, the next day, it was replaced by the Disney/Pixar "Soul" movie promo, & I can't get back the Roku-originating Happy Holidays wallpaper. Very odd. Just wish they'd put that variant winter in the woods theme out there somewhere where we can pick it. Will be interesting to see if anyone responds to our related questions!

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