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Pornography is First Result in Search for “China”

My children and I wanted to search for a documentary about Ancient China, to supplement their elementary history curriculum.

I went to Search, and typed in “China.”

The very first result was simply titled “China,” and so I clicked it. A pornographic image—not just suggestive or “racy,” but literally pornographic—appeared on our tv. 

I very quickly clicked away, and my kids happened to missed it.

I’m surprised and disappointed that this would happen with such a general search term.

I tried the same search later on, while they weren’t watching the tv, to be sure I hadn’t somehow searched incorrectly. Again, same image appears in the very top result.


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Level 7

Re: Pornography is First Result in Search for “China”

Hi Carrie 3, I don't have a solution for you as I am in search of answers here too.  At the moment I am preparing to return my Roku Express to the shop because in the suggested channels section is pornographic stuff there in plain view.  I am sorry you ended up full front on the stuff, luckily for me, no one else was in the room to see the misogynistic and degrading pornographic content for my girl to see. I am fed up with these dam devices, I already returned an Amazon stick because they were shoving gambling ads and extreme violent movies down our throats every time we turn the device on.  I am now ready to return my Roku because #Rokushowsporntokids.  Let's see if anyone from #Roku answers this with a solution or there will be a new hashtag on social media trending very soon. #ReturnPornographicRoku #Rokushowsporntokids.

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