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Picture modes on ONN Roku TVs




I will be purchasing a new Roku TV soon. In actuality it will be the third Roku TV that has been in my home after purchasing a TCL TV in 2018 that I ended up getting replaced by a friend of mine when the TV I bought blew after a year and a half. With this in mind and seeing as I did not have a good experience with TCL customer support when I reached out to to see if I could get the TV, which is still sitting in storage serviced, I am leaning towards giving ONN a try for my next TV seeing as they also make Roku TVs, which will be in my room/office.


At the risk of asking a question that might be funny to some who are more tech savvy than I am, but I was wondering if the picture modes on ONN Roku TVs are the same as TCL in that I watch a lot of content that predates HD that had not been upgraded from YouTube, WWE Network, ESPN, among others and as such, I like to adjust the picture to stretch mode to get a 4:3 aspect ratio for that content. Seeing as I haven’t tried a Roku TV that is not TCL, I don’t know if the settings are universal across all Roku TV brands or if the settings are different based on brand.


Although my friend who was nice enough to give me an updated version of the TCL TV that blew on me, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t still have a bad taste in my mouth from TCL’s lack of customer support so I would really prefer to try a different brand this time and even though ONN is a Walmart brand, they tend to make solid products and in fact I have an ONN sound bar connected to the TV that was replaced that I bought with the original TV almost two years ago that has no issues, but I would like to know if the picture modes are the same so at least I have options beyond TCL going forward. I am planning on buying the new TV within the next week or so. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



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