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Photo slideshow from network

I'm trying to get a slideshow running on my TV from my photo collection on my PC. Smiley Happy

I tried the Apple TV. This does not work as it will not allow me to keep my photos sorted in my folders.
I tried setting up a Plex server on my PC but the Plex app has no interval setting and the slideshow is way too fast.
Lastly I tried a bunch of different chrome-casting apps to show the slideshow but they all stop running the slideshow when I close the app (turn off phone)

My next idea is to buy a Roku player. But I want to be sure that this will fix my problem Smiley Happy

Is it possible to do what I need with the Roku or can I do it with what I have? (Android phone, Chromecast on my TV, Plex server om my PC)
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