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Photo Stream (screensaver) Censorship

I recently started using Photo Stream for my screensaver. I uploaded pictures for 4th of July. I used a variety of images from different places such as Social Media, the Web, my own Personal Photos and ect. Today I went to add more photos and to my surprise, one of the images had been removed due to not meeting Roku’s standards. First, I don’t understand what was wrong with the picture since it was of the US Military on some down time. There was NO Nudity (they didn’t have a lot on obviously due to the heat in the desert as seen all around them), NO Obscene Words, NO Racial Intent (there were several different ethnicities together) and NO Sexual Situations. Second, why are My Personal Photos being looked at by Roku or anybody else? These should only be seen throughout my home. How is my Screensaver anybody else’s business? To my knowledge, my photos are not public. What is the reason for reviewing and removing them? I really would like to know, especially since the photo in question was something I found on Facebook and meets their standards.