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Phone to Roku - Portrait Orientation

  I often use my Smart View on my phone to connect to Roku.  I have an android app that I really like to use to read news from.  However, when I read, I like to read in Portrait mode.  My monitor I just bought I have mounted in Portrait mode, but my Roku will not change to portrait mode.  I see no setting that allows me to do this.  Is there anyway to get Roku to display in portrait mode?  I have no setting on the monitor I bought to flip the screen any way.


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Re: Phone to Roku - Portrait Orientation

There's no setting that would accomplish that and given that the primary purpose of a Roku is to stream video I sincerely doubt it would ever be added. I'd say you're probably the only person in the world that wants to watch a thin strip of a video surrounded by huge amounts of blackness, but I see people do it on their phones all the time and I just shake my head. You should probably invest in one of those pivoting monitor mounts.

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Re: Phone to Roku - Portrait Orientation

This would be the job of the OS on your device. Monitors do not generally tell the device which way up they are beyond a static landscape resolution as tablets do, because they do not have the sensors for it. You have to manually tell the device to generate a portrait image. All the Roku does is act as a wireless connection.

So, does your phone's settings have an option to rotate the external display? That's what you're going to need.
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