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PARTIAL SUCCESS installing Micro SD Card in my Roku 2

Like others, I keep getting a message from my Roku 2 (Model: 4210X2) that tells me to insert a Micro SD Card for more memory.
While some people have stated it isn't necessary, adding a Micro SD Card supposedly allows more channels to be added and gives quicker access to my channels.
Therefore I have attempted to install a Micro SD Card using multiple card manufacturers, sizes, and classes with the following results. Note that in the cases of being "NOT RECOGNIZED", -NONE- of the following worked:
   -inserted/removed/reinserted the card 
   -powered off/on 
   -restarted using the menu
   -in some cases reformatted the card in my computer
Result                          (Size)    [Speed-Class,  UHS-Class,  Bus-Class]  Manufacturer - model info
PARTIAL SUCCESS    (32GB)  [C-10, U-1, I]   Samsung - EVO Select MB-ME32G
NOT RECOGNIZED     (16GB)   [C-4,       , I]   Sandisk - SDSDQM-B35A
NOT RECOGNIZED     (32GB)  [C-10,       ,I]   Sandisk - Ultra MicroSDXC
Partial Success means I was able to put the SD card in my Roku 2, and a menu came up asking me to format the SD card, but the Roku remote would not work -- however, by installing the Roku app on my Android cell phone, I was able to use the app remote control to select "Format" and it completed.  In order to get the Roku remote to work, I had to use the Android app to select "Restart" from the menu, and once restarted then my Roku remote worked. However, if I reboot the Roku by unplugging and replugging power, then the Roku remote stops working again, and I have to use the Android app remote control to again select restart, at which point the Roku remote works again.
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Re: PARTIAL SUCCESS installing Micro SD Card in my Roku 2

I am also trying to get a micro sd to work, so far no joy on my sandisk sd so I guess I'll try a Samsung grrr

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