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Operate Two devices at once?

Dumb question of the week:

Is there a useful reason to operate 2 roku devices at once? Had Roku ultra for a couple years. Power surge took out TV, then I received a new Roku Tv because family is awesome. So, now that I have a Roku Tv, would there ever be a practical, logical use to connect the Ultra to the Roku TV (for single person use)?

I would gladly give ultra away but these days, most people have some sort of entertainment access whether legally or illegally. Roku TV Roku Ultra (4660, 4661, 4662 series) 

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Re: Two devices

When Vudu has you watch a soon to leave program to get a $2 credit on your account, its nice to have a second roku that isn't your main roku so you can set it playing in the background and not have to sit through the ads. I have Roku tv with a Roku soundbar attached to one another, but if I stop tuning to the soundbar it goes back to the home screen, so I have to plug in a third roku to do this trick. Smiley Sad

Or if you have av receiver where you attach the ultra to the receiver and play audio through the stereo speakers without the tv being on, works too. 

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Re: Two devices

Well, it might depend on what model Roku TV you have. If it's a new 4K model, there's probably little to offer using the Ultra on it. If it's a smaller 1080 or 720p set, then the Ultra is likely a more powerful player and might offer better performance. A lot of "mights" there.

The downside of course is having two virtually identical remotes, and needing to switch between them depending on if you're using the TV tuner for OTA broadcasts, or the Ultra for the Roku functionality. The Ultra remote would likely still control the TV volume, so you'd be single remote the majority of the time. 

When I was on a job detail and staying long term in a hotel, I took my Ultra with me but was unhappy with the hotel TV. I popped into Best Buy and picked up a 43" Sharp 4K Roku TV to use, and did have the Ultra connected to it. But I saw no real benefit of one device over the other.

If you are playing media from a home server, there could be a benefit to using the Ultra, as you can connect it directly to an AVR and potentially get better audio. Especially if Roku is adding support for Dolby TrueHD. Roku still hasn't told us exactly what that audio menu setting really does. 

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