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Re: [Official] OS 9 Release Notes

I have a TCL 55S401 Roku TV. For the past two weeks or so (around the time I got the update), the TV randomly cuts off and then will not turn back on. The standby LED is on solid, and all buttons on the remote and TV do nothing. Holding down the reset button for 15-60 seconds does nothing. Unplugging the TV for 15-60 seconds and then plugging it back in still does not fix it. Only when I unplug the TV for at least an hour and then plug it back in does it work again. Is anyone else having this issue? I have a support ticket in with TCL and they are sending a tech out to look at it, but I'm still not convinced that it is hardware related.
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Re: [Official] OS 9 Release Notes

"Reaxions" wrote:
I have three Roku Ultras, all purchased within the past six months. After the update to OS 9, all three of them are having issues in my dedicated theater environment (I have tested all three in that environment to better diagnose the problems). They have all recently been updated to OS 9, and I hadn't previously experienced a single issue with any of my Roku Ultras in any environment until the release of OS 9.

The issues I'm having are the following:
1) Suspected new HDCP Compliance issue causing video to drop out for extended periods of time; anywhere from 3-30 seconds each time. The video only comes back up for a maximum of 5 seconds before dropping out again. I suspect it's an HDCP issue because at one point, it briefly flashed an HDCP error message, but the video didn't last long enough to read it in any detail, and the HDCP Error message hasn't reappeared since then. This is only an issue in my dedicated theater, which is the only setup in the house running 4K/HDR. Nothing else was changed (hardware, cables, settings, other component updates, etc.) in the environment which could have caused the issue with the Roku. As an exercise in futility, I have tried switching all HDMI cables (all are new and certified HDCP 2.2 compliant) to no avail. In the theater, the Roku Ultra is connected directly to a Marantz AV8802A processor (which has the most current firmware, and hasn't changed in at least nine months) via HDMI, which is then connected directly to an Epson 6040UB projector (which has the most current firmware, and hasn't changed in at least a year) via HDMI. Both the Marantz and Epson are HDCP 2.2 compliant, as are all HDMI interconnects. Further, none of the other components which are connected to the Marantz and Epson (Xbox One X, Chromecast Ultra, etc.), all of which are also HDCP 2.2 compliant, are having any of the video dropout issues.

I also am experiencing HDR playback issues with the Roku Ultra and the AV8802A.

I can view menus and stream 1080p content from Amazon Prime or VUDU just fine, but when I try to stream 4K HDR or Dolby Vision content from either of these services I experience no video either with or without audio.   4K content streams from Netflix are actually working.  

I've tested the signal chain with multiple Roku Ultras, multiple sets of 18Gbit capable HDMi cables from source, to pre-pro, to television and multiple televisions and the issue persists.

Everything in the chain was patched to the latest OS or firmware release before testing. 
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Re: [Official] OS 9 Release Notes

[Closing out Topic for previous release of Roku OS - 9.0]

Please create a new topic for the issue you are experiencing. This topic was for a previous version of the Roku OS. 

All Roku streaming players have now updated to OS 9.1. 

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