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Not enough space

I factory reset my Roku and the only channel on it is Disney plus when I try to open it, it pops up saying there isn't enough room remove other channels to make room....that would be fine but Disney plus is literally the only channel on it. I tried removing it and adding it back on I factory reset now I just don't know what to do. And because of the situation nobody is able to pick up the customer support lines. Please help I have two children driving me up a wall 🙏

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Re: Not enough space

The only suggestion I can make is to do another factory reset, but create a new Roku account with a different email address.

However, now that I think about it that may not be a good idea if you paid for Disney+ through Roku since that may be linked to your account.  I don't know how/if you can transfer it.

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Level 7

Re: Not enough space

Have you had any luck resolving the "not enough space" issue? I am having the same problem and I can't seem to get around it in any way. Thanks

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: Not enough space

@examinern104 @Hgallegos09 

As @renojim mentioned, we would recommend removing any unused channels from your device and trying to perform a factory reset on your device.

For information on how to perform a factory reset on your device, visit our Support page here: How do I factory reset my Roku® streaming device?


Danny R.
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Re: Not Enough Space: YouTube + AppleTV Not Launching

I want to know too if you have found a solution since I am running into this SAME issue too on my Roku Express+ 3910RW using composite port when trying to view YouTube (get error message "Can't run channel" "... not enough space...") along with Apple TV not loading (will load to 100% and then return to the Home screen without loading), but luckily Disney+ is still working fine so far.

I removed YouTube, restarted my Roku device, and then reinstalled YouTube, but same issue still exists. I also made sure I am using the Default Theme pack.

Please, please Roku try to fix this huge and VERY annoying issue and please work with Google too if the issue is with their YouTube channel code!!

And if this is not a bug in RokuOS, then when the "Can't run channel" message appears, instead of only giving the "OK" choice, please also give a choice to view which channels are taking up most of the space so we can try to focus on removing those channels. Thanks!

Please do not keep ignoring this issue, Roku, and please STOP blaming the user -- you, Roku, are ultimately responsible for the user experience.

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Re: Not enough space

I am having the same issue and just did the factory reset and after reading the replies I guess I should expect it will happen again. Great product... it's garbage.

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