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Not able to setup roku streambar with sony bravia tv. Roku not allowing return after 3 week trial.

Roku has a "30 day guarantee" but apparently that is FROM THE DATE YOU ORDER the streambar... After holiday delays in shipping , and also the 48 hours Roku requires to "aid a return", I only had a couple weeks to try to get it working.  Since my ten year old tv does not have an ARC setting, and will not allow the streambar to sync with it it is dead in the water.

I have been a huge roku supporter up to now, but if they don't honor their return policy there is not reason to keep them.  I can get a great state of the art streaming tv for $300 now.  If the streambar won't link with older tv's then why would it be useful?  I thought it was my technological prowess, but my programmer son could not get it working either.  


Wish Roku honored its commitments.

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