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No wifi, but can I screen share?

Hey guys,

So I just picked up a Roku streaming stick last night. I am currently at a dorm that does not have wifi, and I don't have the option of getting wifi. Fortunately I have unlimited data on my phone.

The dream is to do some sort of screen sharing from my phone to my roku, utilizing something like bluetooth for the process. However ive not been able to find any articles on the matter that match exactly what I'm looking for. I've found some sketchy looking apps that let me do it, but the connection isnt great and I am suspicious that they may be doing nefarious things behind the curtain.

Phone is a Galaxy s7.

Not sure of the exacts on the Roku, but it is a Streaming Stick!

Oh, and though I didn't explicitly say it, yes the Roku is connected to a compatible t.v. Smiley Wink

Any help is appreciated!

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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

Android phones can screen share. You might have to download a sharing app, but I mirrored my S8 without issue. However, I believe the way it worked was only if both devices were on the same wireless network. Roku players don't support Bluetooth, so that option isn't available. 

If you can't set up a local wireless network I don't think there's any way you can do it. Since you have unlimited data on your phone, your best bet is to use the phone as a hotspot and connect the Roku to it for Internet access.

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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

Hi, I actually got it to screen share, with no hotspot and no wifi. Mind you at this point I had used the hotspot to at least update the Roku, and otherwise cannot hotspot and screen share at the same time.

Ridiculously easy: swiped down from the top of my phone to get the menu, swiped down again to get my settings and things, swiped right to the second page, and selected smart view.
Easy peasy.

Does still drop it from time to time, but now I can watch thongs on the big screen at least.
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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

Miracast is a direct to device connection.  No wifi network required.
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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

A better solution would be for you to tether the Roku to your phone's wifi, so it can use your 4G connection directly. That will be less laggy.
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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

Miracast has screen mirroring, also known as Smart View in Samsung phones, but newer phones and Motorola phones do not support Miracast. They use Chromecast which requires an internet connection. If your phone doesn't say screen MIRRORING or Smart View then it won't work without an internet connection. If it says CAST instead of screen mirroring then it's Chromecast and won't work.


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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

What app did you use, Google home, cast to tv ect...? 

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Re: No wifi, but can I screen share?

@Dropthebeatz666 wrote:

What app did you use, Google home, cast to tv ect...? 

@Dropthebeatz666you should start a new thread with the details of your situation (such as phone brand/model/etc) to get better help.

Google Home will work to GoogleCast (ChromeCast) to GoogleCast-receiver devices, but wont do anything to mirror to Miracast devices (like Rokus).

Roku supports Miracast (mirroring), DIAL (casting), AirPlay2 (casting & mirroring), Play on Roku (casting)

(Roku does not support GoogleCast/ChromeCast)

If you have an Android-based phone, use the Miracast-compatible functionality (e.g.  Samsung SmartView) or if it doesnt have Miracast functionality built-in, an app (e.g. Roku Cast, which is Miracast and Play on Roku compatible).

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