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No channels after hard reset

I recently switch from Comcast to RCN and maybe it is a coincidence, but the Netflix channel was giving me issues on my Roku 3.   I started by removing the Netflix channel and trying to re-add it.  However, it would not let me re-add the channel after I removed it.  I then realized it was not letting me add any new channels.  I thought it may have been a space issue so I removed some channels with no luck.  I then tried a factory reset.  Post the reset I no longer see any channels on the home screen.   I then choose check for updates and it "says" it is updating all my channels, but again I see nothing.  I then went to the secret screen and tried cycling channel store but had no luck there.  I then tried update software from that screen, but it always fails with only a low % complete.   I appreciate any help or just someone to tell me if they think my Roku 3 is just fried.  It seems very odd as it was working fine outside of Netflix up until I did the factory reset.

My serial number is:4E6545069355

Let me know any additional details you need.  I have also tried removing power for an extended amount of time without any success.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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